The Best Toaster Oven by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute – the funny name with the long legacy.

These guys are always fun to check out, especially with their interesting product names. Instead of some catchy model name or model number, they simply call their products things like

The Healthy Hearing Earbuds

The High Definition Video Pen

The Best Cast Iron Skillet

and more …

Check out their video of … (drum roll)

The Best Toaster Oven!!!

From the product page

Not bad … whether you want to buy it or not, it is really fun to read the descriptions just to hear the product names …

“This toaster oven earned the highest rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it quickly cooked pizza and cookies and maintained a constant cooking temperature…”

“The Best model has nine settings

Panasonic Introduces New Compact Toaster Oven

According to a new press release at Panasonic Press Release Panasonic is introducing a new FlashXpress Toaster Oven. A design compact enough for even the smallest of countertops

“The unique, compact design of the FlashXpress Toaster Oven reduces its footprint on the countertop, without sacrificing interior space. The spacious 7.2 quart interior allows for users to prepare meals, bake deserts or heat up leftovers and includes a square-shaped inner tray which is large enough to fit up to four slices of bread. Plus, a removable crumb tray makes cleaning a breeze.”

At a $140 price tag it is a bit pricey, and so for pratical reasons you may want to look for a cheaper toaster that is just as durable. But it looks pretty slick and does function as well as the big boys so if size is a priority (over budget) this one looks to be promising

Toaster Ovens Now Combine The Functionality Of The Microwave!

Well, the first combination which made sense years ago was combining the toaster with the oven to make the … (drum roll…..) TOASTER OVEN

Nowadays, the microwave has come to be a part of that combination

Check out this list on

Kind of strange. I guess we can see the positives of it: take one less appliance out of the picture. Not sure though because for us it just seems a bit strange. Especially since if you want to have convenience to easy and healthy cooking with a toaster oven, seems like you’d want to avoid the microwave as much as possible (short version: zapping your food may not be the healthiest way to to prepare it)

How big a hit are these?

Well, we still haven’t found them yet on Amazon when we search for “microwave toaster oven” so perhaps retailers at large agree with us.

Consumer Search: How To Buy A Toaster Oven

Sure you can look at all the toaster ovens ratings and reviews, but do you know what you are looking for to begin with? Perhaps you found the best toaster oven for your kitchen only to realize that it may not fit your kitchen counter space.

Check out buyer guides first so you can figure out the features you want for your kitchen. Then when you look at toaster oven reviews you know which positive and negatives to pay attention to and which positives and negatives you can discount.

We are in the midst of putting our own guide together. While we do that, we wanted to refer you to one that we refer to often. We forward this one to our readers (often enough that this is why we plan to write our own soon)

How To Buy A Toaster Oven from CNET

Here are their main points (in bold) followed by our own opinion and summary

Examine Size

Interior size: does it fit what you want to toast and cook?

Exterior size: will it fit on your counter and in your kitchen?

Easy To Use Controls

If you are impatient and want to use it out of the box, or want others to use it out of the box, this is important. If you don’t mind taking time to understand a more complicated control scheme, this isn’t important.

Audible Alarms When Done

For some people they don’t mind the audible alarms. For other absent-minded or easily-distracted types, yes you will want this

Easy To Handle

Does the rack eject easily? Or do you have to fish for it? Do the handles get hot?

Automatic Shutoff

Most normal ovens do not have this, and we have lived with it for so long. Then again toaster ovens sit on your counter, a bit more risky. Better to go with auto shut off if you can

There are a few more tips and details on the original web article. We highly suggest you check it out!

Well, That Is Certainly Something You Can Do With Toast

As we scour the interwebs for toaster ovens reviews and news to keep up with the times, we sometimes come across a “related” story in our news readers. Most of them are not truly related to our website about toaster ovens, but sometimes they are just really good stories to pass on.

A way with sourdough makes him the toast of Rittenhouse Square

Read this great story about Gregory Vernick, where “a slice of sourdough from Metropolitan Bakery lightly grilled over hot lava rocks is the ultimate canvas, an invitation to capture a season or a whimsy, and a crunchy window into this young chef’s soul.”

Not to mention the rest of the exquisite meals he creates. Just a warning, reading the article will make you hungry!